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Friday, 31 August 2012

Day #343

Hello there, I have just had an awesome night and I have exactly 20 minutes to do this blog, enjoy some top class rambling. So today, Laura, Teddy and myself met up and decided we would show our faces at the local music club and play a couple of tunes. The 'couple of tunes' turned into four songs and by the end I was telling jokes and dancing! Me...Dancing! Normally the folk club that we go to is full of old people and egos that barely fit in the room but tonight, we felt like locals, I was addressing people on first joke name terms, discussing music with 'Martin' in the bar and asking people what key they were playing in...I only ask that because it makes you sound like you know your music. But tonight, there was two other teenagers, Fliss and Sarah, they sang some of the best harmonies you could imagine. Our last song came and we busted out the 'Rattlin' Bog' + Me and Teddy breaking into solos and guitar offs, the crowd of only about 30 actually laughed and played with me, something that the half drunk people at the beer festival did not do so well (apart from you Dad, you did it very well). The end came and I had to get the two girl's numbers, mainly because we wanted to work on some music with them. Yes. Really. The story ends with me having the girl's numbers but forgetting my music stand and leaving it in the pub... Moral of the story, think with your brain not with your ba-...You know.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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