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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day #338

With the gig coming up tomorrow I have taken to sex, drugs and rock and roll, well's watching Alan Partridge talk creepily about sex, 2 paracetamol for my headache and playing folk music quietly so my neighbours don't get annoyed... Yeah! Today was the final proper band practice for straightening out the creases in the songs (is that an analogy that people use?) and I now have to work on my front-man skills, my plan is to tell a few bad jokes but apparently they are really appalling. About a week ago, I received a card through the post from my nan, it said on the front "New job?", this seriously confused me, but I took it as humour that I didn't get and stuck it on my shelf, today my brother comes into my room, he had received a card saying "You've passed!", My nan had given us the wrong cards! Nan, you are treading thin ice, 1 strike out of 3, another 2 and it's off to the home... Only kidding, it's been two strikes already... Only kidding, I couldn't put you in a home, not after you bought me this awesome new alarm clock, I haven't worked out how to turn it off so that it doesn't just ring but hey, that'll be a nice surprise for me to wake up to tomorrow? A six o'clock start with very angry neighbours.

Until tomorrow (Unless my nan has killed me)

Will :)

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