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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day #314

Good evening! I went a little crazy on the photos front today, I was HDR mad, I took so many photos to do the HDR that I could see people walking past questioning in their heads how many photos can one person take in the exact same spot. Today my thoughts were skipped because I didn't have any amazing thoughts or incites into what I think about. My friend Teddy came over and we practiced a few songs. My dog now thinks he owns the house, while I was ironing and being such a perfect son, my dog just started walking up the stairs as if he meant to find his bed and was going to find it in my room, whats more, he refused to go downstairs, I think eventually he will just change the locks and be done with it. Team GB also won more medals today, Gold and silver in canoeing, gold in the track cycling and we stormed through to the next round in tennis, granted we will never catch the USA I am proud to be British, even when somebody shouts 'wa*ker' out of their window at you for no reason. (Yeah, I put a star in so technically it could be 'walker'...but it definately wasn't).  In the evening my mum and I took George (the dog, not the famous Micheal who accidently...we wont go into any details) down to Fowlmead where there is seemingly nothing to take photos of. All of them are HDR except the first one and the sequence of my dog where he thought it was a good idea to go for a swim in the pond and then realised that actually the water was quite cold and he couldn't really swim that greatly. Wow today's post was way too rambly and quite blue.

I hope you are enjoying my blog and the photos, I am trying hard.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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