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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day #340

Yeah, that's right, it's a box containing Laura's two Blue Peter badges...Two! I haven't even got one! Today's post is brought to you by some classic songs, 'I wanna be your dog' by The Stooges, 'The Passenger' by Iggy Pop, and 'Boys don't cry' by The cure. 'Boys don't cry' by The Cure was actually the first thing that I learnt on guitar, the riff, it was taught to me by my brother. Today was chill day, I met up with Teddy and we walked to Laura's, I always tease Laura because she says she has a gold Blue Peter badge aswell as a blue one, I say that I don't believe her because I hadn't seen them but when I turned up at her nan's today, she handed me a box and inside they were. After picking up a pint of milk, Teddy and Laura headed to look at some Ukuleles in Deal's music shop, the one where a couple of weeks ago, I essentially bitch slapped the owner and stormed out, safe to say I wasn't going back in there. I went to the library, I did my work's experience in a library and kinda enjoyed it, the fact that it was warm, and every sofa just made me want to fall asleep, interesting fact, the library in Dover stocks the notorious 'Karma Suitra' (If that is spelt wrong it's because I am not going to type it into Google to check the spelling). There was a reason as to why I went to the library, not because my edition of the 'Karma Suitra' was out of date (although...) but because I needed a new library card, the only thing I did not anticipate was the 'Who wants to be a millionaire' style questions that the little old lady asks, "How old are you?", "Are you still attending Dover Grammar?", "What's your address?", Even I was shocked when I managed to remember my postcode. After my ordeal, I felt like I needed a sandwich, not just any sandwich, one from 'Subway'. Subway eaten and Teddy had drawn more quotes on my guitar, I now feel like when I play that guitar, people are going to be focusing more on the quotes and what they say than listening to me play 'Stairway to heaven' badly. Kudos to anyone who listens to 'Stairway to heaven' all the way through.

25 Days until it is all over

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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