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Monday, 20 August 2012

Day #332

Hello! Look, you might want to be sitting for this news, oh, you are sitting down?... I have some good news, but I also have some bad news, not quite as bad as the news on the Titanic when the captain asks, "what on earth was that?" but still quite bad. The good news, I am getting a new camera. Right now I am using the Nikon D3000 with 18-55 VR lens but it is part broken. While I was in Spain (Day#269-Day#279) some dirt or a piece of tiny grit got inside the lens, not near the sensor or on the glass but in the part that actually turns, this means that sometimes the lens does not zoom or worse the grit falls into the focus ring and the camera refuses to focus. Okay so here's the good news, not quite as good news as when on said Titanic, the women and children heard, "Into the lifeboats, women and children first" (Mrs Pankhurst would probably be burning her bra at that comment). My dad is sending my camera back to amazon who will apparently give me a full refund (Hoorah!) which means my kind and lovely parents will help me fund getting a new camera, with more awesome stuff. And hey, here's some more good news...or bad, because I am getting a better camera, and because people have asked me about this, I think I will continue the blog after the 365 days, I think I will wait a month or two as a little break and start a new one on new years day. How's that for breaking news?!? Ooh but here's some bad news again, while my Nikon D3000 is being sent back to Amazon, I won't have a DSLR for however long it takes for my new camera to come. Back to the slightly worse but not too bad bridge camera from the very first days on the blog!

Also, I said I would mention my mum tonight, hi mum.

Double also, here's Andy Murray rapping. (You will know when he is rapping)

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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