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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Day #328

The day I socked it to the man, not a major man of a government or regime, just the local music shop owner who was taking the...mick. Evening all, I had a 'Braveheart' moment today, I shouted freedom in the face of being ripped off. I walked into town to pick up my guitar today and put an end to being messed around, when I got into the music shop, he started, "Your guitar...It's not ready yet...but-", "I will take it to the music shop in Canterbury then" I replied, not quite believing what I was doing, "I've ordered the new parts, they will be here in the next couple of-", "no, I have been messed around enough, I have an important gig this Friday and it has to be sorted now","I will get it done by then I promise, it's just that Andre the guitar specialist-", "No excuses, I will take my guitar to the music shop in Canterbury and they will give me good service". I walked out of there confused emotionally. I had just made this man squirm, I had his tatty bo-jangles in a clamp and I was tightening hard. I consider this a victory, I now hope that I don't have to come crawling back to this man and beg him to fix the guitar.

I guess this is what can be achieved when you listen to 'God save the Queen' by The Sex Pistols, before entering a shop.

Try it.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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