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Friday, 3 August 2012

Day #315

Thoughts of today:

1. Ooh that dream where I was a medevil knight was abit wierd, maybe I shouldn't tell anyone, and I definately shouldn't put it on a public forum such as this.
2. I should pack.
3. When I thought I need to pack, it's a shame that my brain said "no Will, you should see if you can still fit into that football shirt that you wore when you were 11.
4. This football shirt fits!
5. I can't get out of this football shirt, what fresh hell is this?
6. Wow, finally got out of it, right, learn my lesson.
7. Hey look there's another one in here!
9. If you don't ask you don't get.
10. Layer cake is a very confusing film, I still need to work out who Jimmy is...

There was a 10 minute gap there (not that you'd notice) because I was listening to Johnny Cash and nobody wants a depressed 'Man in black' style blog. I took a walk into town today, quite a long walk because I was looking for a new SD card for my camera, the one I was using previously was only a 4GB but my new one has 16GB, that's over 2,000 photos for me to take in Scotland. When I got home, I said hi to one of my dedicated blog followers (am I allowed to say that without sounding like a total...idiot?), hello Karen. (Wow that sounded sinister). I have finally packed all my clothes away after the fiasco that was my mum asking to see the clothes I was taken, after they had been (neatly) squashed into my rucksack, I was not impressed, but nor was she when she saw I was taking 3 pairs of shorts, my Scottish football and rugby tops and a very tatty shirt. Today's photo is of my Hibernian football top, it's the Scottish team that I like to say I support, I had an absurd sequence photo of me trying to fit into it and getting stuck in it but after the 365 days of this are up, I would like to say I have a tiny shred of dignity left.

Until tomorrow (Where hopefully I should be in the land of the rain)

Will :)

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  1. I told you, you should pack and you never say hi to me :( And i have a 32GB for my CANNON!! Only messing with ya Will, love ya really!! :)