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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day #320

Not great HDR but still as cheaty as always. Hello, Bonjour, Hola, nuqneH (Hello in Cling-on). Today, Kinross and Loch Leven was to be explored by Teddy and I, by boat, by bike and by foot. The loch is also the home/prison of Queen Mary of Scots, Loch Leven castle. When I was in queen Mary's cell, I realised that I could not get any signal on my mobile phone, I don't know how she survived, (She didn't, she fled and then was executed, and I say my network is bad).  Today was also a chance meeting of one of my grandad's friend Graham and his wife Pat, I was told to take some things that he says with a pinch of salt, this puzzled me, but as soon as I met him, all became clear. "Hello son, you must be William, Bob's grandson? Oh gosh, you look so much like Matthew [My brother]", Pat said, "No, Matthew's good looking" followed Graham, yep, pinch of salt firmly taken.

Appologies for the formattig of the text, no idea what happened

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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