Photography helps people to see.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day #341

I went on two walks today, count them, two. I was watching TV and playing xbox and generally being lazy until about 2 o' clock where I wanted some natural light, when I got outside, I realised that there wasn't any. Whilst walking along the seafront I found the sweetest song I have ever heard in my life 'Heartbeats' by Jose Gonzalez , on the first walk, I found a vodka bottle, a sea gull, a Nikon lens cap and the old crazy golf place that my family used to go to. On the second walk, there was a rainbow and I was trying to race the clouds to the end of the pier in order to get the rainbow over the wind turbines in the channel, I got distracted and the clouds won. I realised that I am actually looking forward to winter because nobody goes out and this is ideal photography conditions, nobody staring at you, getting in the way and best of all I can wear my 'Bellowhead' hat from 'Day #142' - If you click that link you get to read the post where I sound like a posh so and so. Photographers and guitarists are the most jealous people on the planet, even if we deny it. I could be watching a guy take a photo with his family on his little camera, just for a memory of being there and find myself mumbling some prophanities (I swear that's a word) about how he doesn't deserve his camera. I could also be listening and watching a young guitarist, just learning to play 'Twinkle twinkle' on an out of tune classical guitar and I would suddenly feel like when I am old, this young child will take over from my guitaring generation and be amazing (and evil!), I must take the guitar away! This is stupid, really stupid, photography helps people to see, I have that on my own blog! I am just a hypercrit  (I swear that was a word too) if I say "Well, I'm allowed to aren't and nor are you...But good looking girl, come on into the world of seeing through photography", also, on the point of snatching a child's guitar away, I honestly think that music is a form of communicating so it's all good. You never see more than 3 guitarists in a band usually because their egos never fit in the same room together.

 Confusing rant over

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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