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Monday, 6 August 2012

Day #318

Another bit of cheaty photography today but hey, you love it. Today after a late breakfast and an hour of 'The Bill', Teddy and I were taken to the Falkirk wheel, nope, that isn't a Scottish torture technique (The temptation of independence is though), Teddy and I did actually want to go. The Falkirk wheel was built in 2002 as part of 'The millennium project' just like the London Eye. The wheel is designed on Archimedes principal of water displacement (The one where he jumped out of a bath and shouted "Eureka!") and is used to bring boats from one level of canal to the other. While there I had an ice cream as the rain came down, not much left for the rest of the evening, just watching more of the Olympics and getting some rest, tomorrow Teddy and I go to watch 'The sorries' and more street acts aswell as some potential comedy.

Until then

Will :)

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