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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Day #342

Standing in the heavy rain with a broken umbrella with two best friends waiting for the chip shop to open, yeah, 'Wish you were here'. Today, we, the band, got nothing done, when I say nothing I mean that I went to Laura's, we walked to Teddy's sat in Teddy's kitchen, talked for an hour about a drink none of us liked, walked to OUR chip shop and then went our separate ways, same again tomorrow? Also today, my awesome mum took me clothes shopping, I got some photos done for my bus pass and I picked up a package. When I was sitting in the photo booth and looking at the photo of myself on screen, I wondered "Does anybody ever look good in these photos? I do not look happy, and how come in the photos we aren't allowed to smile?!?". Chronologically the blog post today is abit rubbish but I bought some bright blue chinos followed by some bright red chinos, I am going to look like I have been attacked by a highlighter pen and they won.

Until tomorrow (Friday-The Cure)

Will :)

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