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Friday, 24 August 2012

Day #336

Hello there, I'm Will, I like long walks on the beach and...Oh, this isn't that kind of website? Today is probably one of the last band practices before the music/beer festival on Monday, I think we are nearly sorted. I woke up extra early because next door's alarm clock went off, I felt that I had to do my part and wake up, despite it not being mine. There is something about a morning coffee that just feels right, whether it's the perfect ratio of milk, water, coffee grains and sugar or the fact that when you drink it, it essentially sends you a "F*ck yeah!" right to the brain. I also cleaned the bathroom today, it involved me throwing bleach everywhere and wearing the tightest rubber gloves ever! An hour after the coffee-bathroom fiasco and I find myself in the middle of town, sat on the benches outside the shops with the men that are being dragged round the shops, I share and appreciative nod to the man opposite me and try to fade out into my thoughts. Laura has gone in to buy new shoes and just as I start thinking "what would win in a fight, a lion on roller skates or a tiger on a skateboard?", A woman sit's down behind me and to the woman sitting next to her (a woman she has never met before) she opens with "I just bought one of those bras you see on the telly", "Oh yeah?", was the shocked response, "Yeah, they looked good, very comfy", "And were they?" "Actually-" suddenly Laura is beckoning me and we are walking to Teddy's, I never did find out the end of the conversation. Today's photos are pretty naff, too busy for photos but the first is Teddy's batman figurine and the second is a thing my camera can do where it makes everything black and white except for a certain colour, it's Laura looking pretty bored with her yellow bag.

Also, hello to Malin if you are reading this, Malin is my friend from Sweden who my dad, brother and I met in Spain while walking the Camino. (Pictures and blog posts for that are way back at 'Day #269')

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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