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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day #327

Happy relaxation day, I am not relaxed. Today once again I heard the words uttered to me, "Your guitar is not ready yet", this man infuriates me, like seriously infuriates me. The music shop in question is called 'Mark1 music', I am not sure what the '1' stands for but it is not 1st as in 1st for customer service, it might be 1st for incompetence but who's to judge? Oh yeah, me, the customer. If you like locally in Kent and you find yourself in Mark1 music, exit, run, walk or waddle out of there, the man will rip you off and do it badly. The owner's name is not even Mark, it is Terry. Rant over for today, I pick the guitar up tomorrow and I will say no more about it. Today, Teddy and I ran through a set list for the beer and music festival which is 1 week away on Monday. Teddy showed me a pretty decent song about losing weight, I think it's about losing weight. It's called 'You go' by The Keston Cobbler's Club. In the evening I fancied a walk along the front, I took these two HDR photos by hand, because I am lazy, which is why the first one is majorly blurry.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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