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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Day #330

Good evening, this is your captain speaking, today's blog will be a short paragraph long and the emergency exits are located to the top right of your screen with an 'X', passengers are reminded that in the event of bad spelling mistakes and poor humour nothing will happen, we will be arriving at a laugh shortly where the weather is sunny. Hello! Today, Teddy came over, we practiced some songs for the beer and folk festival and sat in the sun. If you would like details of the beer and music festival, please email me, my email address is on my profile, you can access that by clicking my face, over there --> . Right now there is a party going on next door, with the people at the said party singing 'Price tag' by Jessie J. Where I live right now is where alot of people that I kind of know live, let me explain. Yesterday, I was walking where I took the photo of the pier, a bike rolled on past and suddenly *brakes skid* "Inglis, is that you?", I used to be in the cadets (don't laugh) and so on one of the weekends away I became good friends with a guy called Connor, I haven't seen him in 3 years but he told me that he is now part of the royal marines and I have now been invited to join their 6-a side football team, let's hope they don't want to win things.

Untiil tomorrow

Will :)

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