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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Utterly pointless rant

Hello, it isn't quite time for the daily dose of 'Oh god, why did you do that' or the next installment of 'what Will's nan did next' but I thought I should let you know, I am not in a good mood right now. Let me start the story 3 weeks ago, it was a Monday. I strolled into the music shop, handed over my guitar to be fixed, a tuning peg had been broken and the man told me "It will take only a couple of days and it will not cost very much at all". I came away thinking "Wow, that is quite a good shop, good service and perhaps a reliable shop", fast forward 3 weeks, I have had a week of band practice using various other guitars, I have been to Scotland and I have come back, ready to pick up my guitar. I rolled into the shop yesterday to casually pick the guitar up and be strumming by sun down, this was not the case. "They didn't have the right tuning peg for this model, but I can put some new ones on, I will restring it, re oil it and it should be £30 ready for tomorrow", "Urgh, 3 weeks and this is what you come back to me with? You didn't even ring me to let me know what was happening?" I thought to myself, what I actually said was a very jolly "Okay". I went in today thinking finally it would be over and I could write that music shop off for repairs and never return. I walked slowly up to the door to give whoever was fixing my guitar ample amount of time to do whatever to my guitar when I noticed that the owner was casually standing outside eating a huge sandwich without a care in the world, I thought to myself, "Ooh he has done my guitar and is eating a victory sandwich, good work my man". I walked into the shop and he followed. "Hia mate", I feel that I can pull off 'mate' without sounding too out of sorts "I dropped my guitar in for repair and was told it would be ready today?", his response was "Oh, yeah, I'm really sorry but we have been so busy, it won't be ready until tomorrow at the earliest, pop in then.". "What? You are so busy eating your sandwich you annoying business owner? I have walked all the way from my house after 3 weeks of not having a guitar in the hope that maybe you would have fixed it, but nope, I have an important gig coming up and I need it, I should get some money off, you absolute w-" I said in my head. "Okay, I will pop in tomorrow, thank you, no worries", damn it, why can I not be more assertive?

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