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Monday, 27 August 2012

Day #339

Literally too much stuff happened today, way, way too much. Okay so my day started with a dream actually, I am not sure the specifics but there was a horse and cart or just horse, I looked around in the dream and it wasn't to be found, I woke up, thought, "that was strange, really strange", looked around and it was my new alarm clock, it had worked it's way into my dream. I woke up feeling pretty naff, after a coffee, a hot shower and the sobering thought that my friends would be round in about half a hour I was full of energy (artificial energy mind you). We ran through the songs for a final could of times, decided enough is enough, Teddy's mum picked us up and the next thing I knew I was crammed in with my camera, guitar, music stand, Teddy's instruments and Laura's stuff in Teddy's mum's car, I felt ill, really ill. When we arrived at the music festival, I was abit uneasy, tuning up while another folk-aholic played their delicious melodies. When my family arrived, I suddenly felt some more energy, like we needed to be kinda good, we were told that we would do two songs at a time, we had six, this worked out perfectly. The nervous situation that I was in was not helped with the fact that sitting across from me was my primary school teacher, I was wearing a waist coat, what did he think society had done to me? We got up, came straight in with ' You go' by the Keston Cobbler's Club, which went down really well followed by Hallelujah which was pretty well recieved. As we took our seats again we heard from the next people on "And that was 'For folk's sake, it's safe to say, folk music is in safe hands with those guys", I was now relaxed. I saw my family and friends standing at the back of the bar that we were playing in and decided I would go and be sociable, "Hia mum, how goes?", "Thomas, thanks for coming", "Nan, ho-", "I've seen your blog WILLIAM", oops. Our six songs were seemingly up, we had played, quite well I thought and I was now happy to get home and go to bed when suddenly, Adrian the organiser comes over, gives us each a coupon for a free drink and says "You guys were absolutely fabulous, would you come out and play for us in the beer garden?", "Yeah sure" I replied when I was actually thinking "Ah but I kinda have plans to be shooting some bad guys on my Xbox", after getting outside we were announced, "If you add up the total age of the next three people, they are still younger than me and most of you", he said "Let's hear it for the wonderful 'For folk's sake'", Song played, gig played, festival done. Photo one is just before we went on in the beer festival, yeah I'm rocking a waistcoat. Photo two is the poster with our name circled. Thirdly is us playing in the beer garden. Last is me pulling my hard man face, I did this literally as I walked off hence why Laura, camera guy and lady in purple are staring at me. Okay, here's the last bit, the punch line if you like, although this music and beer festival has now been done, we have now been asked to play at 'The Maritime Festival' on September 15th, so yeah, who knows what the future holds for 'For folk's sake'.

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