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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day #334

Hello, twenty minutes ago, this would have been a very jolly, fake sad blog post, but now it is a very annoyed one. Today was pretty lazy but good, Teddy's melodica came today, he was so excited on the phone. A melodica is a keyboard instrument but you blow instrument into it to play, there is a picture of Teddy playing his in the fifth picture although it kind of looks like he is smoking a drug pipe (not sure of the right word but Google won't tell me). If you will also notice in the same picture that I have paused BBC's Robin Hood at a point where Richard Armitige is looking the same way as Teddy and they kind of look alike. An hour and a half into jamming with Teddy and the door goes, this will be the man to pick up my camera and take it away to be refunded, I open the door, give the package to him, he puts a sticker on it then sticks a bar -code on my arm, no lie, he just put it on my arm, the first picture is said sticker and I hadn't touched it (I have kept hold of the bar-code incase I am supposed to do something with it). Second picture is Teddy playing ukulele while I take a long shutter speed photo, it kind of looks good ignoring the three photos of me in the background from school (Please do not zoom in). Teddy has disappeared so I take a stroll out along Deal seafront, I always see something new, today I noticed a piece of art on the side of a pub that has closed down, fire damaged, The picture and writing is shown in photo four, it reads 'Sunday May 27th - A fire at the Bohemian destroyed the interior - The "Unbreakable" gyn bottle survived. The third photo is just a sculpture that somebody did at the entrance to the pier, pretty cool but nothing major. I get home, show my parents the camera that I would like, go upstairs to my room and tidy up. I gave tips yesterday on how to get some percussion into a band, well I have a new tip, when tidying up, do not lean your guitar on a spinny chair, the chair will spin, your guitar will fall, the tuning peg will hit the radiator and break into two pieces. Yes, this is exactly what happened just last week when I had to go all round East Kent looking for a place to fix my guitar. Tomorrow I will be taking the guitar to Folkestone to be repaired after I have picked up my GCSE results. That brought me nicely onto my last point, I pick up my results tomorrow, do not expect to come on my blog and find out what I got, purely because I don't think you care enough what I got, just guess from my tone what I got or just see if there is a blog post, if there isn't then my parents have just driven me to a Forrest and left me there.

Until tomorrow

Will :)



  2. Then how come spell check gave me the green light? :P