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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Day #319

Evening my Russian, British and Gambian friends...Today's post features the best street performer I have seen, the best music duo I have seen and a bus driver who didn't understand my accent? Today, Teddy and I went into Edinburgh for day number two of the leaflet bombardment of shows that we have no intention of going to see. Whilst we were out, we realised that we are too British when it comes to taking the leaflets, we are too polite to say no thanks and find ourselves in conversations with people selling a show about a sex crazed orphan doped up and going through rehab, a conversation which we cannot pull off. I have two questions, the first photo puzzles me and most of Edinburgh, number one, what film is the blue bloke from, number two, how the heck is he floating? Teddy seems to think that the stick he is leaning on is actually made of metal and is acting as a chair. I say, magic is real.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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