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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day #317

The Edinburgh festival begins! Today started with a packed steamy bus heading into Edinburgh city centre whereby myself and Teddy had to stand the whole way, 3 people offered a seat to me and I then like the awesome traveller that I am then offered it to somebody else standing, I was like a social god, everyone looking up to me, women wanting to be with me, men wanting to be me..Right up until the bus jerked me foreward and into an old man's lap, the next time I was offered a seat, I took it. Today was solely about exploring Edinburgh and booking tickets for a show that we wanted to see. We mainly watched street acts which were pretty good, all making the same kind of sets, with jokes about sex, jokes about where people are from and a reasonably dangerous trick or an impressive piece of music, this was all fine until the second to last guy, he was doing the most dangerous thing of all, not fire juggling, not contortion-ism...Making 5 Scottish men from the audience do the 'YMCA'. The Scottish guys took it in good humour  and all was well until there were two stage crashers, 'Drunk Malcom the mascott' who insisted on hugging the performer and generally being abit creepy and a massive drunk guy who was intent on messing the performer's set up. Teddy and I felt for the performers safety when the he said to the massive drunk guy "Why don't you sit down there and think about what your life could have been". The above photos are of some of the street performers, the first is a sequence photo of a man on a unicycle juggling a fire torch, a knife, and a spanner, the second is a long exposure of a fire juggler and the third is a folk band which we spotted, they guy had a megaphone so we had to stop and listen.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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