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Friday, 10 August 2012

Day #322

Last full day in Scotland and I've got a back flipping Asian skipping crew, a smiley dog and my granddad in a Russian hat. Today Teddy and I had a plan, we would cram the last of the things to do into today, we wanted to see a free show, climb the Scott monument, and watch some comedy. The first show was great, it was about two contract killers giving a presentation and hilarity probably ensued (I was too busy looking away so I wouldn't be picked as a volunteer). As Teddy and I lined up to buy tickets for the afternoon comedian, I looked at the leaflet and saw that the comedian we were going to see was blind, he was a blind comedian. On the way up to watch the show, we found the best fudge shop in the world, yep, the world, I said it. I had whiskey cream fudge and Teddy had chilli chocolate, his tasted waaaay better. Right bag packed, blog done, time to make sandwiches for the 800 mile journey back home.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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