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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day #356

I have two school photos, a good one where I look like a model, minus the perfectly chizzled good looks and then one that just makes me look like a sex offender, pure and simple. Hello there! Today was interesting, not for any reason other than sixth form is just a much more interesting year than any other. The day started at my usual bus stop with crazy shouty smokey lady who literally loves to blow smoke in my face, I think she enjoys it too much but each to there own. I got off at the girls school and walked to my school, pretty boring but hey, it has to be done, the small price I pay for having an extra body part I guess. Today was also the day where a table full of girls watched me dance, not cool dancing, lanky embarrasing guy dancing which is essentially just a flail. Also, featuring in my day was the first time I have tried a proper energy drink, not too shabby but not my thing. I also made a couple more friends which is always nice. Have you noticed that my blog has gotten more and more blue? It's kind of just to see how far I can stretch the boundaries  kind of a test to check if my blog is being read by anyone. This afternoon was one of the best assemblies I have ever sat through, it was an assembly where candidates for the sixth form board of something or other speak and then take questions from the floor. The first lad starts talking, his second name is 'Darlington', he starts, "I want to make sixth form a place we can all enjoy, I believe that...etc", then the next candidate comes up, a fairly invisible guy that I see round the school but have never engaged with, "Well I think it is very interesting that Darlington has never attended one of the voluntary sixth form meetings", this just got tasty, the candidate speeches just turned into heckling from the people sitting down and I felt sorry for the girl who had to go last, she had no prepared speech and her idea was to put a giant 'Jenga' in the common room, personally I love Jenga, giant sounds brilliant but to someone who actually cares, maybe not so good?

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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