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Friday, 7 September 2012

Day #350

Hello there, might I say... You look wonderful tonight. Yeah, I said it. Day number two of my sixth form life, pretty good actually, my biggest class has 12 people in it and my smallest class has 3 people, I actually love it. Today during my study period, I learnt to read music properly, just sat down, did it and I even did some homework, this is my year. Today was my first philosophy lesson, it's me, 2 lads that I have never fully talked to before, a guy in the year above me resitting the year and two girls. The philosophy lesson started with a game, each person comes up with 2 truths about themselves and a lie but we have to guess which is the lie. One of the girl's turns came round and she said her first two statements and then "..And my favourite band is JLS", I came back with "I hope for your sake that that's the lie!", I had people in stitches by saying a really obvious one liner. Will Inglis, ice breaker and commercial funny man since 2012.

Once again, loads of other stuff happened like Teddy being late for school because he thought he knew the Stagecoach system and then complaining all the way home because the bus was late.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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