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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Day #345

Hello there, just cleaned up the house super fast, had a big house party while my parents were in Derby (That'll teach them to trust me), oh, you didn't know? I didn't mention it on my blog? Oh that's because it was an imagination house party. Really. 25 more days, just 25 more posts until it is all over, last month I had the largest amount of views in a month and I thank you, you are all so awesome! Let's make it all count...Or at least some of it. For the last day I want to do something awesome, go somewhere great and take some great photos, if anybody has any ideas or offers, please do not hesitate to mention or ask. Anyway, today, I was pretty bored and lazy. I woke up at around 8, fed the dog, put him in the garden, got him back in and went back to sleep, until around midday where I woke up, spent abit longer in bed and finally dragged myself to the shower. I wasn't feeling too great and I had nothing planned so the day was free to be mine. I spent it playing 2 hours of Xbox and a few more hours of 'Peep show' - a channel four comedy, not an actual peep show...calm down. Nan. Tonight my mum, dad and I watched the paralympics, queue the new game of 'Saying something about the sport or the athletes but make sure it's politically correct'... I went straight in with "Do you think they get a discount on trainers, what with them only needing one". If you chuckled then you are a bad person. Nan. The first photo was taken in my garden, the second was taken in the sink with yet more water! And the third, well the third I have only uploaded because some water photos are like watching clouds and sharing what you think they look like. In the third photo I see a man's head, turned sideways looking like elvis spitting water (Not me, actually made out of water), the elvis water man is about an inch below my left eye.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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