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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Day #352

Hello there, yeah, this is an awful photo, but guess what, I have four videos to show you, the first one is called 'Two girls one c-'...Only kidding, they are band videos, Laura created two groups on Facebook for us, then we shot the videos, I've just made the Youtube account and now I sit and wait. Oh, you want the link? Okay, I will slot it in somewhere amongst today's post so look out for the links. Hallelujah, today we got stuff done at band practice, but the journey there was not fun. I live near a funeral home (they say it's a funeral home, it might be a brothel on the inside, who knows), as I went past today, a herse went past, not only that but a man in a suit and hat was walking infront of the herse, at my pace, I was walking next to a funeral procession, what am I supposed to do in that situation? I tell you what I did do, I stopped, looked awkwardly at my phone and walked in the opposite direction, I got to band practice 20 minutes late and now I feel like God is sending me signs. I also now know that my neighbor might be reading this so hey neighbour, welcome to me rambling about stuff.

We would have recorded some of our own songs but someone, not naming any names (It was me, definitely me) forgot the laptop that had them all written on)

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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