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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Day #354

Hello there, I am so so tired but hey, only 11 days to go, maybe 12 if we count the leap year, hmm, decisions... Today was the beginning of proper lessons, so far the lessons have involved "What's your name"..."What is your favourite colour?"... and the most challenging one, "Tell us something that we didn't know about you". But today was actual work, and there was alot of it, in music I finally learned how to read key signatures and then my productivity came to a halt when asked in philosophy "What do you think of this phrase? All knowledge comes from experience?", I miss GCSEs. I got home and had a quick shower, I was heading out to meet my new naighbour, I hadn't met her before but she is lovely. *Smiley face*. While walking the long walk to hers I saw a woman carrying a cat in a box and couldn't help but think of Shrodinger's theory about the cat, not sure how mainstream that is but it made me chuckle. I am going to bed early tonight because I only got five and a half hours sleep last night. Ooh, also, a music company have invited my band to upload some music to their website/email address so that could be pretty damn decent. Right, gotta shoot, listen to James Walbourne with Kami Thompson, it is pretty nice, plus her guitar is pink. 

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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