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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Day #351

Hello there, I have realised that actually today I have 15 days to go because this year is a leap year. Just before the song finishes, this is my favorite song today, purely because of one harmony in it that is just delicious. Today, I woke up at half 10, ate, got showered and headed over to Folkestone, I was going to meet Arthur who I haven't seen for six weeks so alot of catching up was in order. Just before I met Arthur, I nipped into the park that I was in on 'Day #1'. The friend in question on day #1 is actually Arthur which is abit wierd. After meeting, we played playstation, he beat me three times on 'Fifa' and so we went out, had an ice cream, played football and I showed him my new camera, he took the second photo. I have just seen my views for today and thank you to anyone new to reading this, you have kinda caught the blog near the end, but make the most of me while you can. I will probably do something really embarrassing tomorrow so enjoy that.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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