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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day #349

First day back, already made a teacher hate me, good start, yeah, definitely good start. Okay, so today my new alarm clock woke up me plus half my neighbours who I hope appreciated the gesture. I got on the new bus, saw nervous year sevens and thought back to my first day, terrified, innocent, wanting to be at home, ah wait, that's how I feel now too. My nan gave me a helpful text, "Just read your blog, can't believe mum and dad made you do jobs on the last day of summer hols"...Irrelevant but cheers for reading the blog nan. So after getting off the bus, nearly being late and catching up with my friend Alex, who, may read this but may not, we were given our timetables, I finish 3/5 days at 2:25, that is pretty damn sweet. In my music class is literally the poshest boy I have ever seen, I reckon he plays crochet and wears tweed with David Cameron, down at the local strip club of course. So in my English, there is 8 of us, 7 boys, 1 girl, the first lesson back and we are looking at an Emily Dickinson poem about a boat mooring in a harbour and what it represents and all this jazz, straight away, sex jokes, all over the place, that by the end of the lesson, I am immune to it, maybe I am growing up, this was until someone said "The boat is a penis!" and I chuckled so hard that  I almost burst. Plenty more things happened throughout the day such as being told I looked like Andy Pandy.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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