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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day #347

Good evening, how are you? Ah, you can't reply, always forget that... Anyway, I am fine, what have I been up to? Nothing much, just sitting around with a friend watching DVDs and the Paraolympics. Anyway, enough about me. Oh wait, that's why you have come to this blog, well...This is awkward. I stayed up until half 2 in the morning playing Xbox because I kept losing, I am that competitive! I woke up at about half 11 in the end with an empty house and a very confused dog. Today's photo is of a little woolly man with a cute little hat on sitting in front of my framed photo from 'Day #39', it's of the Ipswich marina and I quite like it. A couple of days ago I was thinking of what to do on the last day and also I am wondering what comes next, I have decided that I will make my blog into a calender, I will take the best couple of photos, and put them on each month because I think I have at least got one good photo per month, if you want one of these calenders or have any suggestions about the photos that should go on each month, please let me know.

Also, hello to my viewers in Russia as always, the USA sometimes and the people from Thames Dittion, didn't even know that was a place. Apparently it's in Surrey.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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