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Monday, 30 July 2012

Day #311

Thoughts that went through my head today:

1. Ah, I should probably wake up, ah 10 more minutes
2. Oh god, has it really been 2 hours?!?
3. Is the kettle really that hot?
4. Wow it really is.
5. Where are the plasters.
6. Did I lock the front door?
7. Would I suit a tattoo?
8. I would look awesome with a tattoo.
9. People would say "Do you know Will?", "Will who?", "Will with the tattoo".
10.  Tattoos are not a good idea.

Hello, yep, I thought I'd put down some of my thoughts, just kinda randomly, I might do it regularly, I might not. Today I had some jobs to do, I had to get my haircut, ask where the frig was my guitar and was it fixed and I had to put my new unit up with my Dad. All jobs have been jobbed as my great grandad apparently used to say. I have just moved to this town and so have no idea where to get my haircut, I walked past a promising place, £10 and it looked fairly blokey but not racially and sexistly blokey. I never know what to ask for when I go in, I usually make it up on the spot and pray that I don't come out looking like an ex convict! Today I had it planned in my head, I would say "3 back and sides, thin the top down and cut the fringe back!", I would say it with such confidence that everybody would turn to look at the person who knows exactly what they wanted, I would recieve an acknowledgement from the other blokey blokes and then they would return to the page 3 of their Sun newspaper. But as I sat down, the man opened his mouth and said, in the weirdest accent I have ever heard, "So what can we be doing for your hair today?", I ended up mumbling "Just like this but shorter...", oh dear oh dear. 

Tonight I am listening to 'Little talks' by Of monsters and men

Also, last night I edited the blog abit, I made the writing bit bigger so I can make the pictures bigger and I also put a tracking thing on the side for you so you can see what time people have gone on my blog and where from.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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