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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day #306

Today is not a comparison of two brothers but...Do we look that much alike? Today was probably the best day I have had since the last time that I said that, while my brother enjoyed volunteering for the Olympics, I met the band for practice in the sunshine at Teddy's house (Yeah, I can call it a band because there is more than 2 of us!), with breaks of looking round Teddy's house and tennis we got our set list more or less sorted now. The day also included discussions such as "If you had a super power, what would it be?" (Laura chose to freeze time, Teddy chose invisibility and I just laughed along with them because they had stolen my ideas) which lead onto talking about 'Bernard's watch' - a kid's TV programme from the late nineties.After leaving Teddy's house in a slightly more untidy way than we found it, Laura and I headed to Deal fair where she saw me literally petrified on the Ferris wheel, you may laugh but the seats swing, and it goes so fast! 

Today's post has been updated because I went and watched some pretty amazing fireworks!

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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  1. It did not go fast and even Teddy said it didt sooo MEH!!