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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day #305

I'm not sure which I'm looking forward to least; exam results or the end of my project 365. Evening all, I am sitting listening to 'Pheonix - Lasso' as I write my blog tonight because on Guitar hero for Xbox, I am amazing at this song, many family and friends have seen me embarrass myself by dancing round while playing this song. Today was another band practice because we are trying to get as much rehearsing in this week due to the fact that all three of us disappear to all corners of the globe in the next few weeks....Okay four corners of Britain... two in Scotland and one in England. About half way through the day, I literally had had enough of music and felt like if I saw another chord again I would go into meltdown. What better way to solve this problem of cabin fever than to go into town and spend 25 minutes walking around a pound shop, picking up things that look good, for example, I found a microphone for a pound and Teddy found some ice-cream holders too for a pound.We thought for a split second that we had lost Laura but when we turned the corner she was eyeing up some very good (naff) looking diaries which she said we should all get one of, this was great, but now I have a diary that I will never ever use, it has got a pretty pattern on it. It's photo one.

Sorry today's post has been sub-parr but I am so so tired

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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