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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day #310

I absolutely love taking a walk down amongst the boats and just looking at their names and just being near the seaside! Good evening all, you know you're turning into a man when you have to put flat pack furniture up and towards the end you don't even look at the instructions...Maybe that's why the drawers don't work properly, and what are these spare parts? I woke up today and thought that my blog readers deserved better than what is in my room, they deserve some HDR and they deserve it now! I wandered down to the beach and over my shoulder was this wonderful wooden boat that just screamed at me "DO SOME MOTHER-FLIPPING HDR AND DO SOME NOW!", at least I think that's what the slowly rotting decrepit fisher boat was creaking at me. I also realised today that I have not been outside of the town I am living in for 8 days now, but don't panic, I leave for Scotland a week yesterday so I will get some outside England pictures. Today my Dad also put up a spinny comfortable chair for me in my room and yes of course I have already done the thing of turning round and saying "I've been expecting you Mr Bond". Tonight I am listening to 'Stubborn Love -The Lumineers', warning, that video contains strong folk.

Hope you are enjoying my blog my friends :)

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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