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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day #300

Today, history was made, something that generations will talk about for years to come, I have actually made 300 days without missing a single one, it has been 299 days since I said to my brother, "you know what? I want to do a project 365, I want Russians to laugh at my stupid humour and I want my nan to read it and raise something on the blog everytime I see her", yeah, or there's that olympic torch, yeah I guess that was okay. Wow, longest opening sentence I have done since the very early days of my blog where I wrote as if I was talking with an ex girlfriend just after breaking up, awkwardly. Today I woke up at 7:00, yeah, you read that correctly, that's 7:00 Am, before lunchtime and definately before a teenager should be up. My dad and I walked along to Deal castle where school kids, workmen, suiters, booters and the general British public came together. If there is something that us Brits do fantastically other than queing, complaining about the weather and being fundamentaly anti-Australian it's gathering on the street because we might get on the telly. After 10 minutes of waiting in the road, being told by a policeman to get onto the "sidewalk" then being let back onto the road, Katherine Batts came round the corner carrying the flame, it was over in a matter of seconds but I guess I can now say that I was there. I only have 65 more blog posts and days to do, so I will be trying very hard this summer to get out and about with my camera. With the olympic spiriti, we can do this! Actually, I think Teddy overslept and missed the torch... so maybe...take the message that we should all spend a couple of extra hours in bed...Yeah!

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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