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Friday, 20 July 2012

Day #301

Yeah, you know that thing I said on 'Day #300' about making every one of these last 65 photos count, here's a pair of shoes...RUN WILL, RUN! Yeah, today wasn't a focused day but I did have a kind of busy day. My friend Teddy and I have given leaflets to display in shops around and about (by that I mean the local music shop and the library) to 'recruit' new members of our folk band, fingers crossed. After a day of persuading the library that we were local and that they really should put the notice in their window, my Dad, brother and I went to the local pub because there was a fantastic Johnny Cash tribute band (no, honestly, they were good). I am now going to get some sleep because I have a day on South Eastern trains tomorrow and I need all the energy I can get. Oh also, there is a point to this picture of shoes, it's abit of a naff photo because I had like 5 minutes before I went out. I bought these shoes about a year ago without trying them on, I got home, went to put my foot in and realised that my feet were way too big for them, they are size 11 and I am willing to give them away for free, if you honestly would like to take my never-worn shoes off my hands then that would be awsome. Today's post totally had a purpose.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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