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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Day #307

Laura took today's photos, not bad for someone who prefers Canon to Nikon... Today I was shopping in IKEA with my Nan, Mum and brother, yeah, I ate the meatballs and stole I mean...took for useful purposes three of their small pencils. That is essentially the only reason people go to IKEA, the furniture is a cover up. My mum bought me a desk, chair, drawers and a unit, with a red theme going on, I might have a headache just by looking at them but they are pretty! When I got back, I met Laura and Teddy and we went to Deal carnival, Laura was taking so many photos, almost all good, I haven't got too much to day but I am debating in my head whether to play a gig tomorrow night or watch the Olympic opening ceremony. Blogger would not let me upload my third picture, which is a man in drag, realizing that Laura is pointing a camera at him in the carnival and posing with a child, above is a link to it on my Flickr.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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