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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day #303

Have 3 okay pictures, that equals a good picture right? No? Right. Today was band practice, with the thoughts of a new singer and a long search to be over, Teddy arrived at my house and we shared the excitement. When the three of us got to my house we got straight into sorting songs out, Laura, the new singer had won talent shows and had singing lessons so we expected great things, she did not let us down. The first song we tried - Hallelujah, I had to stop almost as soon as she started to sing because I could not believe she was singing so well. Once we had decided on doing 3 songs out of the potential 5 we called it a day. After walking round my house, I decided that today's post should have a theme maybe, then I thought...Pink, The first photo is a plant my mum got from work (I think) but I went all abstract style-ee on it. The second photo is my dog staring at his reflection on the floor, which points out how stupid he really is. The last photo is sime soap that Laura gave me, I forgot to ask where she had bought it from and if it was even safe but free soap? Yes please.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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