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Monday, 16 July 2012

Day #296

Crazy seaguls, I only wanted a picture. Today (acting as if everything is normal) I took a walk amongst the boats near to where I live and I thought it was my oppertunity to get a nice picture of seagulls whilst annoying the heck out of them, I think I successfully achieved one of these objectives. The people on the path must have just tutted at me and walked on but I knew that I had a purpose to be amongst those ships scaring seaguls, it was to save my blog viewers from the true boredom of looking at stuff I find in my bedroom. I realise that Deal is a fantastic place to take photos with plenty of oppertunity and...HEY LOOK, THE SKY TV MAN IS HERE! SO MANY CHANNELS! Sorry folks, priorities are priorities.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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