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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day #298

I am a teenage boy and I am proud to say that I spent 4 hours playing on my xbox. Today I got up pretty early, mainly because my parents woke me up. After not being able to fall back to sleep, I decided I would wander down for some breakfast and a sit in the garden, my naighbours probably got another shock of a teenager enjoying a coffee in his jim-jams, sorry if I freaked you out naighbours. After being quite satisfied with the world, I got ready for the day but then something caught my xbox, it was just sitting there, not being used and quite dormant. I looked at my watch, sat down. Four hours and 100 deaths later on the classic 'Grand theft auto' I got a call from Teddy asking if we were still meeting up today...oops. He understood from the tone of my voice that I was still playing and he understood because he too was a teenager with an xbox, as a result, he said he would walk to mine. The day which I had promised Teddy was a day of song-writing, jam sessions and serious work on music, the reality was Teddy writing some words  on a piece of paper (I haven't seen them yet, they might just be some very mean words about me) while I carry on the carniage on my screen. Today was not too productive in the real world, but in the xbox, I did a huge lot of good.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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