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Monday, 16 July 2012

Day #297

Honestly, the pictures look better if you click them, usually. Today, my family came out of the dark ages and we got internet! I now cannot imagine a world without it and spent most of the day watching Sky TV. I started with 'The Bill' in the morning, then moved to 'Casualty' at lunch followed by 'Open all hours' in the afternoon, after this I carried on my new book which is called 'King's man' and is so far, amazing. Teddy told me the other day that I am turning into a book nerd which threw me back because I thaught that was him, he reads Terry Prachet, I feel like in the real life novel that is my life, mine and Teddy's characters have reversed. After half updating my blog and logging onto facebook, realising it is still as boring and useless as when I left it, I headed out onto the beach, it was pretty dark and I kept feeling like a ghost with a hook for a hand was going to march out of the sea and take me away, but more likely was that my battery on my camera would die and my parents would go to bed, locking me out of my pad.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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