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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Day #281

Last day in June and I think I spent it pretty wisely. Today started with a bowl of coco pops, yeah, so far so good. I was watching a programme about police brutality so the day was becoming a day for intellectuals, then Spngebob squarepants came on the television and I guess the child within me screamed "Gimme, gimme, gimme" and it had to be done, an hour later and I am sat in my pijamas watching kids TV with a bowl of cereal, abit like how I picture the rest of my life going. At around lunch time, I filled in a job application and handed it in, just as I did so, I realised that it was sunny and Saturday, yet I was not playing football with my friend Arthur, of course I gave him a ring! After an hour of kicking a ball to eachother and doing impressions of people from our primary school, I headed into town to buy a book, with all the free time this summer, I want to get into reading so I bought the two books in the third picture. The two books in the picture have contrasts which is always good when starting to get back into reading (said the pretty lady behind the counter so it must be true!), so I bought a satirical history book and a serious, all-sad-like world war one book. The first picture is a bad one; long shutter speed playing guitar for the first time in 12 days, amazingly good! The second picture is kind of like what I imagine heaven to be like, if there is one, and if my nan finds out that I moved her little lady statue across the garden then it is heaven that I will be heading!

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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