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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day #272

Happy summer solstice from the suniest place in northern Europe, maybe. Today after being woken up at 6:00 AM by people with torches, my dad, brother and I did the very British thing of wearing shorts and setting off even in the rain, everyone from hotter countries like Italy was just staring at us as we left like we were the crazy guys from Kent. We reached breakfast and coffee ontop of another large hill which wasn´t too bad especially with Coldplay´s new album playing in my ears, as we were leaving we met up with our friend Merralin (my dad says that´s how you spell it) who spent the night at a different hostal, the story gets better towards the end of this post. We are now seeing faces that we see in the evening at the Alberges and becoming friends with some and on nodding terms with others. As we neared the end of our walk with about  8km to go, we stopped for coca cola and caught our breath. Just as we had sat down and I had ordered the cokes in my perfect (broken) spanish a woman was hurding about 25 cows out of the barn and up the street, it was pretty unreal as the cows seemed unphased by the two dogs who were trying to be quite loud. The story of our friend Merralin gets interesting because as we had checked in and done our washing, eaten a huge sandwich and gotten settled at the Municipal hostal in Triacastella who should be in minre and my brothers´ room but her, there are rooms here of 2 bunk beds so it is my brother, Merralin, a Spanish girl who I haven´t met yet and myself, with the football on, it could be a late night.

Until whenever I find wifi and a computer

Will :) 

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