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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day #277

If you think that the second picture looks abit awkward with 8 bunk beds to a room then you should have seen the room in Ponferrada with 50 bunk beds, it effectively becomes snore tennis and at 45-0 my dad won. Today we set off from Ribadiso and with full water bottles and my pack of biscuits we headed for Santa Irene not knowing what we would find. This day was the hottest it has been here which is lovely to sit in but unbearable to do any kind of walking in. The first picture is of, guess what...yep 10 points to Griffendoor a butterfly, sunning itself on a rock on the path. When we arrived at the hostal, I was abit suspicious, there were towels and sheets on the beds! Aswell as these luxury items there was an amazing shower, when I say amazing I mean amazing by a pilgrim's standards, hot AND cold water, and it stayed on for longer than 10 seconds! After getting settled, I got chatting to two girls, one from the USA and one from England, the girl from America was going home to give up all her pocessions and become a nun and I and the girl from England bonded over what hurt the most, legs or shoulders, she won with shin splints, something that can only be described as excrutiating when walking. This amazingly high quality hostal was in my opinion, the world's way of releasing pilgrims back into the real world slowly and with white towels.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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