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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day #274

With four days left of walking, my dad and broher both have blisters on their feet, yet, as the novice, I have none. Last night in Sarria, my brother and I played cards with two guys the same kind of age as us from Korea, so every game was slightly different to what we were used to. My lack of slep was not particuarly helped last night as a woman in the next bunk to mine was vomitting into a carrier bag, quite loudly, and Spanishly.... Today I woke up quite ratty due to a complete lack of energy and breakfast could not come soon enough, as we arrived, we greeted a Canadian guy who said straight away "Don´t go round that cornere, there´s a dog that just bit my arse", we did not go round that corner because we were terrified of the Canadian eaing pooch. Just after breakfast we met a pirate looking guy from Madrid called ´Nacho´who was a children´s book illistrator and was absolutely tanking it, despite ending up at the same place as us, i hope to be beatin him and my brother at cards tonight. As we were walking with Nacho and talking about our life stories (quite literally) we passed the ´100km to go´stone which is in photograph 1. The day was conpleted by rolling into town called ´PortoMarin´like the three blisterteers and Merralin (still no idea how to spell her name). The town is built on an awsome man-made lake and we are now settling wn for a Siesta followed by a walk round the town and the football in the pub. You are now suitibaly updated on where we are.

Until whenever 

Will :)

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