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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Day #268

I have to get up at what time tomorrow? Oh ridiculous o'clock, right. Today my bag got packed and I mentally prepared for the task ahead... waking up at 2 AM. I'm only joking, tomorrow my dad, brother and I are walking the last part of the Camino (a pilgrimage in spain which has been turned into a walking holiday for the Daily mail readers), its wierd that I haven't done the first bit, or any of the walk and yet 11 days from now I should theoretically have finished it, its kind of catching the end of a film that you really wanted to see and not the whole thing - the illusion is ruined, but not quite. Serious note now and on the giving page which I put up on my blog on 'Day #260', we have raised £540 which is 270% of what we originally set out to raise plus another £127.50 from gift aid so right now the total stands at £667.50 which is amazing so thank you very much! Over the next 11 days, my dad has kindly said that I can take my camera and a netbook to carry on the blog..That's the theory anyway, it might be that I do what I did when I went on holiday to Ipswich (trust me, it was a holiday), whereby I take the photos and update all the days of the blog when I get back. Today's photos are firstly, my intimidatingly large walking boots infront of our backpacks. I am apparently carrying the first aid kit with blister plasters in it, I think they are trying to tell me something. The second photo is my second attempt at light photography, I wrote my name and circled it with the light that I used for 'Day#262'.
I bid you farewell, take care *awkward hugs while shuffling out of the door*.

Until tomorrow (hopefully)

Will :)

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