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Monday, 11 June 2012

Day #262

It looks like something that a toddler would draw but this is my light vortex thingy. Today I took my maths resit exam which actually went suspectly well, I usually end after 30 minutes and have a nice sleep for an hour and 15 minutes but today was different, I answered nearly all the questions and only had 5 minutes to spare, afterwards, my friend Aidan and I stumbled on a fantastic website called whereby you input anything which is occuring or happening or just in existance and it will tell you what the internet thinks of it, for example if I input 'Oil prices', the figures are... 45.1% negative, 32.5% positive and 22.4% indifferent, it also tells me the overall opinion which is ..."Today the internet is negative about oil prices", amazing right? The photo for today is of my '16 today' badge which lights up 3 different colours being spun around for 30 seconds, I know it isn't great but its my first light trail that I have done so I will try more inventive things with it.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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