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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day #276

50 Km to Santiago and to sleep, a disused hospice. Today, us three excited yet weary travellers set off from 'Palas de Rei' at our usual time of 7 o'clock to reach Ribadiso for the equally usual time of about 1 o'clock. We walked our usual kind of enviroment of country paths, farm towns and slightly bigger towns. The first photo is of a man herding sheep literally through the middle of us. Many people have the same or similar agendas to us whereby they walk about 23 Km per day and rest at specific 'Alberge's but our friend Malin is getting the bus to Santiago so we will probably not see her again which is a shame because she had become a good walking partner and a great compadr√© of the walk. The second picture is of a really cute fluffy dog in a town we walked through, I had to get quite low to the ground to take the photo which is abit dark and must have looked abit odd to say  the least. The third photo is my brother and dad at the 50 Km mark, not long to go and the last photo is the old converted hospice which we stayed in with a river good enough to swim in. I must admit I was hoping for ghosts.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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