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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day #269

On a pay compuiter in a town which I can´t remember the name of, it´s time to get into some serious blogging. Today (18/06/12) we took 6 hours of transport to arrive at our destination for the first night. The town is called ´Pomferrada´ and it did have a really nice hostal despite having to go through a hole in some trees to use the showers. The first picture is of a 5 star hotel which is very expensive to stay in which is ironic because it used to be a free hospital for pilgrims walking the Camino. The second picture is of a very Spanish busking band in the centre of Santiago. The third picture is of clouds ontop of a hilltop which we were staying near.

Until tomorrow...Which is actually the day that I am writing this

Will :)

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