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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day #270

Even in Spain, I still manage to take a picture of water. Today we walked the first 25 Km of our 210Km walk and I can safely say that I will sleep well tonight. Last night was spent in a room of 50 bunk beds, all full of pilgrims from all over the world. I thought getting to sleep would be impossible but actually, with the help of my Ipod it went okay. At four in the morning I was awoken by people with torches and alarm clocks, it was clear that roughing it began here. After waking up and throwing some clothes on, we headed out with our bags which weigh a tonne! It started out as hard work but with the conversation of my brother and Dad it was all good. We have already made two "friends", one is called Merrilyn (I think) and another is a German guy with a really German name, like... Henrich Ironman. Tonight after finishing and having a shower I am absolutely shattered, all that is left is socializing, football on the television and another crowded room to sleep in. Tonight we are staying in a hostal called ´Pheonix´ and run by a man called ´Jesus´, something tells me this place is special.

Until whenever I can get to a computer

Will :)

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  1. Casually sat here think hmmm I wonder how william is getting on, but i doubt he will update his blog :( to my amusement you have! wooooo, good luck with the rest of it xx