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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Day #365

It's finally here, one whole year of continuous photos and embarrassing moments. The time has come to say goodbye but we have had our laughs, no, don't cry, I will be back, I promise. Today I woke up at half 5 in the morning to get a photo of sunrise, I got down to the front, set my tripod up and waited, just as the sun was coming up over the clouds I turned the camera on and then suddenly, up on the screen comes every photographer's worst nightmare of words, 'please insert memory card', I had left the card in my laptop, cue me running back through the streets of Deal and back again to get photo number 1 and 2, photo number one is HDR and photo number two is a very long exposure using my neutral density filter. After I had gotten in, slept for another 4 hours, I woke up and watched 'The Bill', pretty uneventful but hey, afterwards I headed to meet my friend Beanie who took the third photo, abstract. The fourth photo was taken this evening, just some sharpie on a stone. So after a whole year of this, it has to come to an end. This year has been so momentous  eventful and pretty damn awesome, there was highs, lows and boredom but we made it. There was a charity walk in Spain where my brother, my dad and I raised over £2000 for cancer research, there was my holiday in Scotland, water photos, HDR, long exposures, short exposures, colour splash photos, colourful photos, photos on the streets, photos in my room, photos from Ipswich and photos from London. We had music, we had laughs and we had photography, but most of all, I had you. Whether you are reading this as a very late come-er, a dedicated follower, or just a random Russian person who just happened to stumble across my bog, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I am not sure what my future blogging plans are but I am definitely taking a break for abit. I will give you one bit of advice here, don't take life too seriously, you never get out alive.

Until whenever my friends

Will Inglis :)

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