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Friday, 14 September 2012

Day #357

Today is a happy day, even my toast is smiling, it's Friday, which can only mean one thing, one song is good today, 'Friday I'm in love!' Today I woke up as per at 6 which is unbelievably painful, I finished at 1 o'clock so it wasn't all bad, I decided I would sleep when I got in. The day normally involves a walk through Dover in the early hours, today was no different, I normally see something that makes me laugh or makes me sad but today was just wierd, I walked past a pretty depressing block of flats and as I came to the corner there was a sofa being thrown out, just left on the street, a homeless man was sitting in the sofa, this was nice I thought, atleast he has somewhere comfy to sit, as I got slightly closer (not too close mind you), I realised that he was being sick onto the sofa, just casually vomiting onto the duvan as if it's something he just does, as if whatever is on the street is his and he is free to vomit on it, perhaps he saw me as a potential vomit target, I walked slightly faster. My first lesson was ICT, we were told at the beginning  of the year that we would be taking apart and rebuilding a computer at some point, that point was today. The briefing was this word for word, "Okay gentlemen, this lesson, you will take apart and rebuild the computer, here is a screw driver, take photos of all stages, any questions?", I had about 100, mainly I don't know...urm "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHINY METAL PIECE AND HOW ON EARTH DO I PLAY PACMAN WITH IT?", my friend Alex equally had no clue but we powered through and as far as we can tell, the computer still works, the awful quality of the photo of the computer in pieces and half put back together is because I only had my phone camera with me and I needed to take the photos as evidence anyway. The last lesson of the day was English, in this lesson, I like to listen, mainly listen and think, usually the conversation is about something profound and thought provoking but today, one of the main topics was 'Where could we find a picture of Kate Middleton's boobs on the internet?', today was a half day, I know what most of the people in my English class were off home to do after the lesson.

Until tomorrow (where I will be in London so the post may be late, or early, I am going to the opera)

Will :)

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